New Executive Director, Tommy Harper – Coach & Cowboy Replay

Tommy Harper - Coach & Cowboy Replay

On the Tommy Harper – Coach & Cowboy Replay New Executive Director Tommy Harper shares his inspirational Stream story. You will want to listen to these great training tips from Tommy and you’ll want to share this call with your team! This may be one of the all time great Coach and Cowboy calls!!!!   Don’t miss this one!!!

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2 thoughts on “New Executive Director, Tommy Harper – Coach & Cowboy Replay

  1. I really enjoyed listening to Tommy Harper share his story about how he has made it to Executive Director. I personally know Tommy and he is definitely a go-getter. I have taken away quite a few pointers from you all. Honestly speaking, I have not been running as hard as I know I can and should be with my business, and frankly it’s showing in my low numbers. This call has ignited a serious fire in me and I am getting started tonight on my stream journey to Senior Director by December 2015. Thanks again for sharing your business minds with us all.

    Juanita Bowden, ID

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