Stream Video Training Course

Stream Video Training Course

The Stream Video Training Course — 10 Lessons for New Associates

One of the keys to duplication is to use tools.  While Stream has given us some really great presenting tools I felt like we needed a field driven video course for new associates so they can learn the fundamentals of building a successful Stream business.  I’m proud to announce that I’ve put together such a course!  This course titled the Stream Video Training Course is a 10 video course designed to give the associate all the basic knowledge of how to build a successful Stream business.  These videos cover everything from getting qualified to showing the plan to staying plugged in.  I believe we can create better duplication by sending all our new associates the same training and teaching them to do the same.  That way all our associates get the same training thus creating duplication in our training.  The way I intend to use this course will be to personally invite each of my new associates to sign up for and view the course.  To learn more about the course simply click on the video above or click this link.

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